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How It Works

Urban Hunt offers a series of interactive, modern-day scavenger hunts that take teams on a self-guided adventure around a particular neighbourhood or venue. You sign-up to play via Facebook Messenger chat and receive cryptic clues to discover local hotspots and hidden gems. Interesting facts are also shared along the way, so you really feel like you’ve gotten to know a place.

Our aim is to bring friends, families and couples together to explore your city through a fun and engaging challenge. Give it a go today!

How to play

Signing up

Gameplay information

We recommend playing with teams of 2-4 players for the best experience, with the option for up to five teams to compete against each other on one hunt.

No prior knowledge of an area is required, but we encourage the use of maps and lateral thinking as answers are designed so that you can't just find them online. Clues can be simplified by using a hint or hot hint, but if you want to compete for the fastest time on our global leaderboards, beware that these add time penalties to a team's overall result!

Whether you want to race or take your time exploring, each trail usually has a scheduled refreshment break, when the hunt time is paused to give you the option to relax.

Multi-team hunts

When several teams compete on one Hunt, the person who sets up the Hunt is known as the Hunt organiser. They will need to make sure every team has a captain that has been verified through Facebook Messenger. Once everybody is ready to go they are the person responsible for starting the Hunt for all teams involved.

One team, multiple devices

If you would like for more than one person to receive and be able to answer the clues for your team, simply type #player once you have paid or confirmed your hunt, or during gameplay. You can add up to 4 people per team, including the captain.

Competing on our leaderboards

To keep the competition hot we apply time penalties should you want to simplify a clue, which ultimately affects your final position on the leaderboard. Below is a breakdown of these:

Hint: + 10 Minutes (one free pass)
Hot Hint: + 10 Minutes (one free pass)
Incorrect answer: + 10 Minutes (one free pass)
Skip: + 30 Minutes

For more information, visit our FAQ's